I’ve seen Dr. Leilani LaBelle for all my periodontic needs over the years. Her skillful hands and gentle touch are perfectly complemented by her spirited enthusiasm! She and her competent staff have the ability to calm my nervousness and alleviate my fear.

Muriel King

Maple Grove Periodontics and Implant Dentistry has that very rare yet truly genuine personal touch. They care so much. It’s something quite beyond what you would expect and I’m so grateful for it.

John Pekar

I had many interactions with the office staff before I ever saw Dr. Labelle. Pure professionalism and a genuine need to want to help you is always how I felt I was treated. When I finally had my consult, I realized this is very likely a clinic entirely run by female staff. It was FANTASTIC! My first impression of Dr. Labelle was courteous, curious and professional. As expected.

In a nutshell. I chose her to do my skin grafts. Which turned out really well. Also, an occlusal on my lower front teeth. Insurance didn’t cover it, but it was THE BEST $300 some odd dollars I ever spent! I never knew I could experience such profound relief with such a minor adjustment! She is clearly the best at what she does.

If I need any further work, I’m checking with Dr. Labelle first!

Beth Barnes

Great experience with Dr. Labelle. I highly recommend and trust her. She did a great job explaining my condition, the results to expect and the procedure and after-care. Her staff was also very courteous and knowledgeable. As a bonus, they even asked me what music I wanted to listen to as they performed the procedure--over the top!

Monica Miller

Excellent team for your teeth, trusted, professional, extremely knowledgeable, great price. many years of experience.
Dr Labelle is fantastic.

Patrick Monthe