Occlusal adjustment

Occlusal adjustment, also known as occlusal equilibration or selective grinding, is a dental procedure that involves reshaping the biting surfaces of teeth to achieve proper alignment and balance in the dental bite. The goal of occlusal adjustment is to ensure that the upper and lower teeth come into contact evenly and harmoniously during biting and chewing movements. 

When performing an occlusal adjustment, we will have you bite down on a colored strip of paper. This will allow us to see how your teeth are making contact. A healthy bite is one in which both make equal contact together. If only one side is making contact, it indicates problem areas with your bite. We will then smooth the problem areas on your tooth or teeth just enough to remove the interference. This process is repeated until all areas of your teeth meet together properly. After reshaping your teeth, we will ask you to bite down on the colored paper again to ensure proper bite alignment.